How to Make Your Rechargeable Battery Last Long

Right from cordless electronic applications, mobile phones, transferrable CD players, power devices, laptops to a host of other electronic devices, the lithium ion rechargeable battery has found prominence in a considerable number of technological devices as the prime choice for battery requirements.

The chargeable nature of these batteries has propelled consumers to look to purchase at least one set of rechargeable battery online. However, despite this re-usable nature of these products, these lithium batteries when not managed properly may not function to their fullest extent.  If a battery is showing that it is fully charged but it’s not lasting as long as it is supposed to, there might be an irreversible problem. Fixing the battery once rust or oxidation takes over is very difficult. The best way to increase the lifespan of these batteries would be to avoid such problems in these simple ways-

1.     The 40% Rule

Throughout the storage period, it is best to maintain a charge state of 40% in lithium batteries. Even though it is ideal to completely charge a battery right before using it, prior to the storage of lithium ion batteries it is damaging to completely discharge them. The finest battery producers stock lithium batteries at about 60 degrees. They also maintain a 40% charge level.  The 40% charge permits a steady condition despite there being a certain amount of self-discharge. Some stand-in charge is essential to retain a battery and keep its safety circuit active during extensive durations of storage.

2.     Exposure to Heat

Like many other devices with chemical components, the lithium ion rechargeable battery is allergic to heat. Keeping a lithium battery continually at a high temperature causes their life expectancy, run-time and charge-ability to decrease dramatically. This has been explicitly found to happen in laptops, which themselves produce heat. When a laptop is put to use as a replacement for a desktop and the battery is used as a chief power source for more than twelve months, the capacity of the lithium battery has been known to fall by 40% of its actual maximum capacity. This can cause a massive reduction in the battery’s performance. The problem can be fixed by taking away the lithium battery when using a power source that is corded. However, in most cases where a purchase is made for a rechargeable battery online, the usual problem always is the battery being exposed to various sources of heat.

3.     Checking the Manufacture Date

The expectancy of a lithium battery begins to diminish just as it leaves the manufacturing station.  It will be right to expect at least 20% of the charge of a lithium battery to diminish every year starting from its actual date of manufacture. How nicely one takes care of the battery is irrelevant.  Hence, it is always advisable to check the manufacture date whether someone is buying the rechargeable battery online or from a market.

Just by following these simple steps, the general lifespan of a lithium ion battery can be considerably increased. If carefully bought and properly maintained, these batteries can last up to two years, producing over 300 charges.  


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